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Database Activity Monitoring Solution

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Tender Description:

On 3 February 2016, ICS Department of BoG concluded to announce a tender for the Database Activity Monitoring Solution. By this letter, the Tender is announced and starts on 3 February 2016. Deadline for submission of final proposals to BoG is 15 February 2016.

During the Tender period participants are welcome to make all reasonable inquiries necessary for the purposes of their proposal compilation.

During the Tender process, contact person will be glad to assist you:

Giorgi Gurgenidze
Head of Information Security
29a, Gagarin Street,
Tbilisi 0160, Georgia
Tel.: +995 322 444 444 (ext. 7887)
Mobile: +995 558 221 881
E-mail: g.gurgenidze@bog.ge

It is required that one PDF electronic copy and one hard copy of the proposal is submitted by each participant to the above listed contact person.

Review of the Solution

The objective of the tender is to compare, test and implement Database Activity Monitoring solution will assist BOG in meeting the required information and cyber security objectives.

Needed features and technical characteristics

Below is the detailed description of the features and technical abilities we’re looking into solutions to have.

  • Creation of an inventory through auto discovery of all databases and database users, deployed across the enterprise. Discovery of sensitive data. Support for iOS, Android, Windows Mobile operating systems
  • Discovery of Vulnerabilities, missing patches.
  • Creation of policies/rules for enforcing access control and proper rights management on databases 
  • Monitoring access to databases, database activities, blocking unauthorized access/activities and segregation of duties
  • Reporting of deviations to the policies and access control
  • Masking of sensitive data in output
  • Virtual patching of database for known missing patches
  • Complying with relevant regulatory demands
  • Help enhance forensic capability along with supporting solutions
  • Considering different approaches of implementation: network-based, agent-based, using built-in DB tools, etc.


  • Deadline for submitting final proposal 15 February 2015

Budget: 20,000 $

Link for the Information Database Activity Monitoring Solution on the webpage:

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