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Purchase of test equipment

ჩაბარების ვადა:
დრო: 15:00
სტატუსი: დასრულებული

Tender Description:

The objective of this Request for Proposal is to select a Test Equipment supplier for the Premium Residence Company. “PTI COMPANY” is partner of APPLUS Group in the country of Georgia for the next ten years.

Detailed tender documentation is provided in the attached files.

Confirmation of Participation:
All providers must confirm whether or not they will participate in this bidding process using the Participation Confirmation and Acceptance of Terms document attached to this RFP as "Appendix I Acceptance of Participation."

This document must be completed prior to deadline specified in 2.1.

It is equally important for the companies that do NOT plan on participating in the process to submit this form, indicating the reasons behind their decision not to participate, so that these may be taken into consideration in the future.

Confirmation of Participation:
Any questions regarding the contents or scope of this RFP and/or the bidding process in general must be addressed exclusively to PTI COMPANY / Applus Automotive

The following procedure will be followed for receiving and answering inquiries:

  • Providers shall send their inquiries via email to the following address:
    Mr. Otar Chkheidze: ochkheidze@aldagi.ge
    Mr. Raúl Ramos: raul.ramos@applus.com
    There will be one sole round of inquiries. The deadline for sending inquiries to APPLUS/ PTI Company shall be the date indicated on the schedule.
  • APPLUS/ PTI Company shall answer all inquiries in writing, sending a communication via email to all of the providers on the date indicated on the schedule. The responses shall be sent to all of the providers that have been invited to bid, without indicating which providers have made the inquiries.

The providers should consider only that information which is received through these channels.

Submission of a proposal on the part of the provider implies its tacit acceptance of the conditions established in this RFP. Proposals must be sent to tenders@premiumresidence.ge

The deadline for receipt of proposals and additional information is 16 July, 2018, 15:00 Georgian time. Any proposals received after that date will be refused.

ტენდერის კატეგორია:

  • 51200000 საზომი, შესამოწმებელი, საცდელი და სანავიგაციო მოწყობილობების მონტაჟი
  • 34300000 ნაწილები და აქსესუარები სატრანსპორტო საშუალებებისა და მათი ძრავებისათვის
  • 34900000 სხვადასხვა სატრანსპორტო მოწყობილობა და სათადარიგო ნაწილები
  • 38300000 საზომი ხელსაწყოები
  • 44400000 სხვადასხვა ქარხნული წარმოების მასალა და მათთან დაკავშირებული საგნები